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The 90Project - Where do you start?

Updated: Jun 12

This journey, if you could call it that, has many challenges. Not the least of which is the name. So let's start there before jumping into meatier topics. The 90Project was born from a friend telling me that using a fancy camera on "auto" mode during good light hours will get you 90% of the way there. Basically, you are doing really well if you just get some basics right. I was really attracted to this idea of "really good, maybe not perfect" as a metaphor for everything in life as well as this project.

Three books and several life experiences all combined to inspire me to play the top 100 courses in the U.S. over a 10 year period (technically I had played 31 already so needed the remaining 69 courses). One book - The Happiness of Pursuit - captured what it's like to take on audacious pursuits; the author visited every single country in the world including, yes, North Korea and many other places I wouldn't set foot in. Another book - Four Thousand Weeks - talked about our relationship with time. And the third book was a golf adventure by Tom Coyne named "A Course Called America." Together, these reads synthesized thoughts I was having about accomplishment, happiness, our use of time and the true value of golf.

In addition to those books, several personal challenges and simply reaching middle age contributed to a sense of goal-setting and becoming hyper-aware of happiness and what's important in life.

So I decided to tackle the top 100. It's not about bragging rights and collecting preppy belts with fancy golf course logos - but instead I want to be more intentional about spending time with people I love. My friends, my family and maybe even befriending some strangers along the way. An additional benefit is that I hope it becomes a memoir or journal of sorts of interesting travels, experiences and the people around me. I have no doubt I'll laugh or smile or cry when looking back on this many years down the road.

Enjoy the blog.


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